Mobile Planetarium

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Our Planetrium dome experiences are tailored to the school curriculum and designed to engage the specific year-group at the right level. All of our experiences feature:

  • Fully presenter-led content (no pre-recordings or video presentations)
  • Visual Demonstrations (dependent on topic)
  • A Curriculum-focused Slideshow
  • Finishing with an amazing tour of the night sky
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Our Key Stage 2 experiences include the level of detail you'd expect to communicate the topic whilst retaining an element of fun. All of our material is curriculum-led and we offer experiences covering the common topics for this age group. Please enquire for more information about the suitability of each theme to your topic programme. Of course, if you are planning a different topic or theme then please contact us are we are able to design material to suit your needs.

Earth and Space

Our main presentation for KS2 is designed to cover and expand upon The National Curriculum 'Earth and Space'. We will demonstrate how we have day and night on planet Earth and why we see the phases of the Moon ensuring that the children can understand the movement of the Earth and Moon relative to the Sun. This is especially effective in the darkened environment provided by the planetarium. We will also take a look at all of the planets and dwarf planets in the solar system discussing their size and shape, distance from the sun and distinguishing features. The stars and constellations are also covered and much much more. The presentation is suitable at any time during your period of study, either to introduce the subject, help during or to complete and summarise at the end.

Space Travel; Past, Present and Future

With new advances in technology long distance space travel is closer than ever; one day men and women will visit Mars. But where and when did it all begin. Find out about the story of mankind's quest to travel into space from the development of the rocket in WW2, to the moon landings, the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. We discuss the current unmanned missions to the other planets of the solar system and let your children's imagination wonder about the 'New Horizons' space probe's photograph of Dwarf Planet Pluto.

Greek Mythology

Have you ever wondered how the constellations got their names? Taking you back to the time of Ancient Greece we go on a journey of discovery to find out. Orion, Cassiopeia, Cephus and Andromeda will tell you their story! This presentation is suitable for all ages and explains the Greek perception of the Universe and the link between the ancient gods and the constellation names. This is a superb way to develop the topic of space for science, history and literacy and fully complements every Key Stage curriculum.

Do not forget that all of our presentations end with a tour of the beautiful night time sky for the   WOW effect that will get your children buzzing, keen and eager to get back to class and discuss what they have just seen. Plan a literacy session after a planetarium show and get some really creative writing from your class! Contact us for further information and a quotation for your visit