Mobile Planetarium

Our Planetarium is an inflatable dome like structure made from a strong nylon-reinforced and fire retardant material. A powerful fan inflates the dome and ensures a comfortable airflow throughout the presentation. Entry to the planetarium is great fun through the entrance tunnel and wheelchair access is not a problem.

The dome is surprisingly spacious inside and can easily accommodate around 35 infants or 30 juniors and accompanying teaching staff without feeling cramped. In case of emergency evacuation is instantly affected by lifting the planetarium walls.

Most school halls can accommodate the planetarium. All we require is floor space measuring 7m by 6m, a height clearance of 3.2m and access to a standard socket electricity supply. However please remember some space is needed around the dome to allow for access. If you are unsure whether the planetarium will fit please call and we will be pleased to help.

All of our equipment is regularly checked and inspected and all electrical equipment is subjected to an annual PAT test. We are fully insured. A Risk Assessment can be provided on request.

If you require any further information about the planetarium, whether trying to decide if it will fit in your location or to discuss class sizes etc. then please just contact us, we will be only too happy to help.

Struggling for space?

If you have too small a school hall or even no hall at all then you could try your local village or church hall. Alternatively you could try to borrow the hall of a nearby primary/secondary school (or even organise a join visit day).