Mobile Planetarium

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Our Planetrium dome experiences are tailored to the school curriculum and designed to engage the specific year-group at the right level. All of our experiences feature:

  • Fully presenter-led content (no pre-recordings or video presentations)
  • Visual Demonstrations (dependent on topic)
  • A Curriculum-focused Slideshow
  • Finishing with an amazing tour of the night sky
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The planetarium is a wonderful experience that will help the young people to work towards gaining their badge (Astronomer; Stargazer etc.) How often have you planned a star gazing night or night hike only to find it is cloudy! We guarantee that there are never any clouds in the planetarium! Besides a fun filled talk about space, to include the planets and beyond, we will help you to find the North Pole Star to aid your navigational skills. A tour of the constellations of the night sky completes our presentation in an awe inspiring way.